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Passion Play Rehearsal

This past Sunday’s Passion Play Rehearsal was incredible! Yes there were bugs to work out (and you can pray for us on those), but by far it was a great rehearsal! Seeing all the pieces come together is just stellar! It’s sort of like a puzzle. My daughter Madylynn loves to put puzzles together.

Passion Play Construction

Yesterday immediately following second service, the construction team struck the stage to begin building the set for the North Central Ohio Passion Play.  I was touched by what I observed.  From behind the scenes I saw everyone working together for one common purpose – and they were having so much fun doing it!  Out of…

Bible Quizzing 2014

BNC’s Bible Quizzers, led by Tara Hensel, finished the district meet in Wooster Ohio last Sunday. It was an incredible meet.

We Won’t Be Shaken

February 23rd, 2014. BNC’s sanctuary was transformed in the matter of a few hours to host Building429′s We Won’t Be Shaken tour.

Latest Daily|Devo


Last night was dress rehearsal for the Passion Play here at BNC. I approached it as a full out performance. In my mind I need to do that. It keeps me on my toes and lets me hone in on where I might be failing at missing a mic being turned on or a sound effect not being loud enough. And like many performances, I had places last night that I missed. Driving home, I relived each one over and over in my mind in an attempt to somehow reconcile them.

Obedience matures us and deepens our relationship with Him

This is the last devo in this series from Pastor’s sermon on Meeting Mary.  It’s a little late getting out but better late than never! When we have the desire to obey God out of love for Him, we begin to draw closer to Him.  We begin to thirst for God more, to drink deep…

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