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For the first time at BNC, the Celebration Singers and Orchestra along with special guests presented a praise and worship concert like no other!  Alleluia – some of Bill Gaither’s best loved music! There’s never been a praise and worship concert quite like this at BNC.  The response from those attending each night were one…

Sunday School Promotion 2014

Each year about this time, the Sunday School board plans and invites the church to join in a celebration of our kids being promoted as they advance to the next class in Sunday School!
It’s a family fun time to grab a hot dog and a bag of chips and fellowship with friends and family. After eating a couple hot dogs (yes…I usually eat a couple…they’re good!) I get ready to take pictures as the kids walk through the arch as their name is announced. They are handed an award certificate as well as a little something from the church!

The Phineas F. Bresee Award

Sunday July 13th, BNC honored five young men with the Phineas F. Bresee Award as they graduated from Caravan during the second worship service.  Kenny Cook, Eric Evans, Isaac Hedrick, Jackson Moody, and Isaac Sterrett completed all the badge requirements for Caravan to receive this prestigious award.   Caravan is a Christian based scouting program…

NCO District Camp Meeting

Camp meeting happens annually for the Church of the Nazarene and I was privileged to be there this past Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. It is an incredible opportunity for all Nazarene church families on the North Central Ohio District to come together for worship and renewal.  There’s something about the gathering of all…

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Got Milk

Got Milk This past Sunday, Pastor Ray spoke on “growing up”, specifically the stages of spiritual development that a Christian goes through in his or her walk. As new Christians, we are considered “babes in Christ”.  Babes, babies—new lives.  We were all there once.  And what’s the one thing that we all started out with…

See You on Sunday

See You On Sunday It’s alarming the number of people who will say they are Christians but are not part of any church. Every believer needs a church home to learn, grow, share and be empowered. So why do so many think it’s unnecessary? Perhaps disillusionment has set in. A church is only as perfect…

Comfort Words

Comfort Words I read Psalm 119 this morning….yes, the whole thing.  All 176 verses of it.  The special occasion was that I had a day off work and was not hindered by normal time constraints of getting up, breakfast, daily devotion time, getting ready for work, and then the inevitable slew of errands that I…

Living With No Regrets

Living With No Regrets I can remember several years ago our Sunday School class did a study on the book “One Month to Live” by Kerry and Chris Shook. The basic concept behind the book was learning to live a “no-regrets” life. Pastor Kerry Shook shared that in his years of pastoring, he ministered to…

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