BNC Daily Devo
I really don’t like being anxious. It just doesn’t make for a happy writer. It’s hard to focus when I’m anxious. My mind wants to wander off to things I perceive as being beyond my abilities. I begin to look further into the future, thinking I have to accomplish it all today.
I have grown to be a checklist guy. I get this weird satisfaction of being able to check off an item, delete an email, or finish a task that's on a list of some sorts. An odd empowerment comes over me with each item checked off. You could even call it a high!
I love my white board! Yes, I’m serious! It’s my friend! It doesn’t take much to please me. In a world of high tech apps and devices that can gather up thoughts and organize them, I’ve not discovered anything better for me than a board that allows me to put a thought down, quickly erase, rethink, and reboot the process. It is the perfect match for my brain to gather and collect a few ideas.
Where is my focus
This will be short and brief, but I must share it. It is so easy for me to slip into a mood or feeling of despair at some of the most oddest of things. Usually it is not just one, but a combination of several. What's crazy is that they aren't big as we would consider big - death of loved one, disease, loss of job, etc. Those are big ticket items. What had me today was a washer that chews clothes, video stuff that wasn't working, a headache, work issues, and a few other personal things that are certainly not out of God's reach.
A little girl once asked her Daddy as they were driving home from church, “Daddy, my Sunday School teacher said God is so big that He holds me and you and everyone else in His hand.” Her Daddy replied, “Yes, sweetheart, your teacher is right! God is so big that He holds the whole world in His hand” His daughter paused a moment and spoke up again.
Skipping Meetings - Not Healthy for Me
I really don't like meetings!  Just ask my previous boss at Wyandot.  I avoided them and am guilty at working harder to avoid them than actually going to them.  Why?  I'm glad you asked!  Because they take me away from my task list - you know, the list of things I want to get done today.  If you are a task oriented person, then you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about!
Skipping Meetings - Not Healthy for the organization
I was busted once at Wyandot for not being on the same page with someone else on a project that I was working on. Most of the time, I was a one man show at Wyandot, working on my own projects. But on occasion, I’d find myself needing to collaborate with someone else and work together on the same project.
Skipping Meetings - Not Healthy for those around me
Think back to when you first became aware of who Jesus is. If you were raised in the church, then you probably heard Bible stories about Jesus that are commonly taught to children and you became aware of Jesus through the teacher. You knew Jesus in relation to the stories. But I’m not talking about that kind of “knowing”. When did you personally come face to face with the Son of God? Did you obey His call at first or did you push away?