BNCers in Ministry!

BNC Update – BNC’ers in Ministry!   This issue of the BNC Update might look a little different!  Different is good!   While you will still find some of the familiar elements such as calendar items and upcoming events, this issue is focused on YOU!  Yes that’s...

Stories – Joel Griffin – Teen Camp

This summer (2016) Pastor Jon took BNC’s teens to teen camp. He told them that it would be life changing. He told them that they would not come home the same. He told them that God would speak to them.

Guess what…he was right! Listen as Joel and his mom Darci give their feedback and testimony!


Have you ever noticed the energy level of kids when they are playing together? About the only way I can describe it is like this:

Fighting a bath

As a boy I remember hating baths. I would rather my mom simply leave me to sit and marinate all night in sweat and dirt. I remember one time telling her I’ll be fine in the morning…as if somehow the marinating process would automagically (I think I just...