BNC Kids to bring A Play in a Manger this year for Christmas

If you have been around BNC over the last few weeks you have undoubtedly heard Valerie Whattenoble report on what’s going on in your kids ministry for Christmas!  The program titled “A Play in a Manger takes place in the town of Centerville where they are preparing for their 50th anniversary of performing A Play in a Manger!  Only this year they have renowned larger than life Hollywood director Cecil V. DeVille on the scene calling the shots in, well, a larger than life way!  It is obvious Cecil wants a bigger and better than ever Christmas program, but what he learns is that the story of Jesus needs no pyrotechnics or dancing camels.  The story of what God did by sending His Son is and always will be an epic story worthy of retelling over and over!

We will take a break from our normal curriculum on Sunday mornings.  Instead we will be putting in lessons that tie into the message of the Christmas program in a very creative way that you will see unfold through promotional that will play in the foyer and sanctuary.  All practices will be during normal service time both services with one or two after church practices where we will have lunch for the kids.  Dress rehearsal is on Saturday, December 17th with the performance both services on December 18th.