BNC Update – BNC’ers in Ministry!
This issue of the BNC Update might look a little different!  Different is good!
While you will still find some of the familiar elements such as calendar items and upcoming events, this issue is focused on YOU!  Yes that’s right!  This issue is focused on what ministry you are doing at BNC!
We think it is important that all of you have the 411 on what makes ministry happen here at BNC.  It may be said that it is the staff that does that.  Nah – it is you all that make ministry come alive!  It is people being greeters, ushers, to leading small groups and helping with children and youth.  It is people organizing events, visiting shut ins and playing sports!  It is people that are praying while active in fellowship with others or singing in the choir!
Ministry is delivering meals to a family that has just had a baby!  We all know what that’s like!  Lots of diapers and late nights!  A meal that you don’t have to prep is huge!  Or what about simply being willing to listen to another person over a cup of coffee?  All of that is ministry!
Ministry does not happen by the staff of the church – ministry happens because of YOU!
So I ask you…What’s your ministry at BNC?  Check out what some of the BNC’ers are doing around the church in this issue of the BNC Update!  Check it!