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After any performance, for me anyway, there’s a little let down period. It’s sort of like the day after Christmas. All the preparations lead up to one day and then it’s over.

This year it’s different.

I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s different. At first I thought it was because of running sound for the kids choir, His Voice. That was without a doubt an incredible experience for this guy. For a sound guy, getting the right mix is like a chef that prepares a meal with all the right ingredients mixed the right way. Both are delicious – one to the palette of the mouth, the other, the ear.

Although mixing a kids choir was indeed the highlight of the weekend for me, that reason didn’t fall squarely in place.

But a different one did this morning.

In devotion time this morning, I read a passage that talked about God’s glory shining down and how His people would be radiant and that other nations would gather around Israel.

I’m not a numbers guy but sometimes it’s good to look at them. They bring context and perspective. So let me whip out my math skills. (Insert laughter here). We had 55 kids on stage for both services. Those 55 kids shared Jesus to 900 people over two services. That means that’s 16 people for each kid! Wow! God’s glory shone on them and they shared that with 900 people! They were lights that shined!

Now let’s look forward.

What if the same number of kids continued to serve in some form of ministry? I am certain God already has big plans for these kids. Some of them will grow up and become mentors to others. Some will grow up and become Sunday School teachers. Some will grow up and play in an orchestra or sing in a choir. Some will become pastors and ministers in many different areas. Some will serve behind the scenes in sound, media, and lighting. The possibilities are endless.

My thoughts go to the ministries here at BNC that work with our kids. Bible Quizzing is hiding God’s word in their hearts. Kids dot Christ and bTweens are reinforcing that hidden word and building on it. The kids choir is teaching the kids worship and praise. Upwards is teaching them integrity and discipline. Caravan and Sunday School both are teaching them how to grow to be Christlike in all areas of their lives.  And there more still more!

Those 55 kids that shared Jesus with 900 people are a result of not just one of those ministries, but all of them working together to prepare the next generation! And what are the results? Lives changed – like a little girl who gave her heart to Jesus at the end of the last Totally Christmas performance!

That blesses me like nothing else can! There’s one life that was changed that’s a result of all the ministries working together! You can’t put a price on that! You can’t measure it by how much or how little work something takes. If it takes 10 times more work to save one more soul – sign me up!

We are preparing the future church. We are teaching them to reflect God’s light to others as they go out into the schools. Other kids and teachers see that they are different and wonder why! They will gather others around them because of Christ. They will see the results of Him being taught in all the ministries here at BNC!

Support these kids. Love them. Tell them your proud of them for not being ashamed to talk about Jesus! After all that is why we are here (kids included) – to spread the Gospel of Christ.

This Christmas, I challenge you. First, before presents are opened, open the Luke 2 story of Jesus’ birth. It truly is the best present to open and ought to be first. Second, tell someone you don’t know Merry Christmas and that Jesus loves them. It’s a simple statement with profound impact. If your kids see and hear you doing that, guess what they just might do?