On March 15th, 126 kids and their families, gathered at Wooster Church of the Nazarene from 18 different churches across the North Central Ohio District. They came to participate in the NCO District Children’s Bible Quiz Meet. There were 19 quizzers from our own church who participated in this event – 7 red level quizzers (1st-3rd grade) and 12 blue level ones (4th-6th grade). Quizzers had to score 80% or better to qualify for the Regional Meet at MVNU in May. We had 16 of 19 quizzers that did just that! Moreover, 14 of them scored in the 90th percentile earning a gold medal with 5 being perfect for the night. Our Children’s Bible Quizzing Program here at BNC is strong and growing each year. Helping kids learn to “hide God’s word in their hearts so they might not sin against him” is the ultimate goal of this ministry. We thank you for your prayers and support!
Stay tuned for info. on our Regional Meet coming in May!