BNC finished the presentation of the Passion Play over Easter weekend.  What an incredible event!  For three nights we relived what Christ did for us on the Calvary.  We each did our part to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music, drama, lighting, and media.  And you know what?  God did His part too!  Each night was saturated in prayer and God lavishly blessed each night!

One thing this writer picked up on was how fickle we can be as humans.  Part of the performance reenacted miracles and healings that Jesus performed while He was on earth.  The choir, being part of the drama, reacted in amazement and praise at what Jesus did for them.

But about two thirds through the performance came the time for Christ to be tried and crucified.  The same people that were praising Jesus for what He did for them were now yelling “Crucify Him!”

I joined in.

I can be so fickle!  When things are going great I am praising Him and it’s all rainbows and butterflies.  When times, however, become less than optimistic for me, I’m tempted to turn tides and shake my fist at God and scream!

I want to be the kind of Christian that stands firm and unshakeable!  Someone posted this to Facebook –

“Be the kind of Christians that when we wake each morning the devil says Uh Oh…They’re up.”

I love that!  My desire is to be so unshakeable in Christ that the devil trembles in fear at Christ living in me!

Photography in the slideshow was provided by BNC’s own Sarah Lipscomb.