This past Sunday’s Passion Play Rehearsal was incredible!  Yes there were bugs to work out (and you can pray for us on those), but by far it was a great rehearsal!  Seeing all the pieces come together is just stellar!  It’s sort of like a puzzle.  My daughter Madylynn loves to put puzzles together.  She is incredible at being able to see what the puzzle is supposed to look like and begin putting the pieces together.  She has the ability to visualize it assembled and have the patience to work through fitting each piece together.

This gene absolutely did NOT pass from her father.  She can take me in a puzzle race!

Having the ability to see the big picture is so valuable.  Some people have that.  Some…well…not so much (ME!)  But – what I do have is trust in my God who absolutely does see the big picture!  Seeing the pieces come together Sunday night was valuable to me on a tech level, but primarily on a spiritual level.  So important it is for us to trust God even though we don’t understand where all the pieces fit.

And that’s what I find wonderful about Madylynn.  She may not understand where all the pieces fit in her puzzle, but she trusts that they will all fit together and eventually reveal a bigger picture.

Passion Play will be a puzzle piece in someone finding salvation.  It will be a part of their bigger picture that God has in store for their lives.  Don’t you find it amazing to think about that?  If you want to be a part of this, let us know!  You can support us through prayer, financial, or lending a hand with whatever task needs taken care of.  We would be honored if you’d like to be a part of 2014’s Passion Play!