On Saturday May 10th, 13 of our Bible Quizzers and their families arrived on the campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University. All of their hard work studying the book of Genesis had paid off! There were a total of 471 quizzers from all over Ohio, West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky gathered on campus. Blue level quizzers had 2 rounds of 20 questions. All 3 of our blue level quizzers scored perfect in the first round. Though they weren’t perfect in the second, they still scored well enough to each earn gold overall. Red level quizzers had 2 rounds of 15 questions. 5 of our 10 red level quizzers scored perfect in the first round and 4 scored perfect in the 2nd. In all, we had 1 bronze, 2 silvers & 10 gold winners. 3 of our gold earners were perfect in both rounds. It is also noteworthy that our church had the highest percentage of quizzers from our district (22% of all NCO district quizzers were from BNC!) We have every right to be proud of these kids and their families. Quizzers involved in this meet were:

  • Marley Adams – red level
  • Jalynn Diller – red level
  • Alexxus Fannin – red level
  • Brock Frost – red level
  • Sierra Frost – red level
  • Brianna Hensel – red level
  • Emma Hensel – red level
  • Jacie Hessey – red level
  • Rosalyn Johnson – red level
  • James Rindfuss – red level
  • Thomas Rindfuss – blue level
  • Luke Rowlinson – blue level
  • Madelyn Williams – blue level

This is a wonderful program to teach the word of God in a fun way. I encourage everyone with a child in grades 1-6 to get involved in this program when we begin again at the end of August studying the book of Exodus!