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Christmas in KidCity

The Gathering

Lest We Forget

Passion Play

NCO's Got Talent

Josh Wilson Jason Gray and JJ Heller

FX {Family Experience}

Trunk or Treat


First Service Worship
Sunday – 9:00AM.
Second Service Worship
Sunday – 11:00AM.


Wednesdays in the Word
Wednesday – 7:00PM.
6:00 PM  Bible Quizzing
7:00 PM  SURGE
Sunday – 6:00PM.
Wednesday – 7:00PM.
7:00 PM Celebration Singers Practice
*:00 PM  Celebration Orchestra Practice



Sunday School – 6:00PM.
Wednesday Caravan – 7:00PM.
Walking in FLC
Mon, Wed, & Fri
9:00 am-11:00 am