Small Groups and Interest Groups

Whether it is a small group within the church or an interest group outside the church, groups = fellowship.  We need others around us to draw from, give to, to hold accountable and be accountable to!  Small groups are study driven whereas interest groups are driven by the interest of the group.

Praying Sneakers

Several years ago I created a 5k route for myself that ran around Bucyrus Elementary School  On purpose, I wanted the school to be part of the route.  Why?  When I run, I pray.  I pray for schools, kids, teachers, and our city.  This is a ministry that goes outside the church.  If you are interested in getting together once a month to run or walk a route contact Pastor Randy.  During that time join me in praying for our city, its businesses, our civil servants and yes, our schools the kids, and their teachers.


TRAILS is a BNC Neighbor Group.  Scheduled trail walks of varied distances on local trails.

Fun with Firearms

It’s just that!  Fun with firearms!  Join Rick Burgin and a group of guys and gals who simply enjoy some safe fun with a God.  Do a little plinking with handguns, rifles and shotguns!  If you are interested in shooting or simply want to learn how, contact the church office.

Parents of Young Children

  • When:  Sundays 6pm
  • Where:  Kids dot Christ Room

Led by Randy Diller.  Parents!  You know the zany life that is called parenthood! Your life is lived in diapers and preschool, bottles and homework, school programs and houses that never seem to be clean!  Join a small group that understands and supports this stage in your life!

Tender Loving Care

  • When:  Sunday 10:15am
  • Where:  Fellowship Room

Tender loving care is a small group led by Millie Jordan.

Disciples of Jesus

  • When:  10:15am
  • Where:  Room 6

Disciples of Jesus is a small group led by Bob Hopp.


  • When:  Sundays 10:15am
  • Where:  Room 4

Seekers small group with a wide age range from a couple in their 30s to those in their 80s. Anyone is welcome.  Most of our studies have been through entire books of the Bible. We’ve studied through14 complete books of the Bible in the past 8 years.

Young at Heart

  • When:  Sunday 6pm
  • Where:  FLC Room 6

Young at Heart is a small group led by Becky Williamson


  • When:  Sunday 6pm
  • Where: Chapel

Gleaners is a small group led by Betty Dillinger


  • When:  Sundays 10:15am
  • Where:  Chapel

Seekers is a small group led by Randy Fortner

Grace Happens Here

  • When:  Sunday 6pm
  • Where:  Fellowship Room

Grace Happens Here is a small group led by Jim Mayes

First Service Worship
Sunday – 9:00AM.
Second Service Worship
Sunday – 11:00AM.
Wednesdays in the Word
Wednesday – 7:00PM.
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Wednesday – 7:00PM.
Sunday School – 6:00PM.
Wednesday Caravan – 7:00PM.