Anytime you want to come out during the week to check out the facilities and get a tour, give Pastor Randy a call or text at 419-569-8602.

Sunday mornings we have three different age groups. We have our PreK-K, 1st-3rd, and 4th-6th. Each one is a small group that meets Sunday mornings. Each Sunday morning starts with a social time in each age group’s class room. This is the time period between 10 till the hour until about 5 after the hour. It is simply a time for the kids to hang out together in their room and for the small group leaders to build relationships with the kids!

Then all age groups head to our Event Center (which is our old sanctuary) for Large Group. Here is where the kids are taught the story of that day that goes along with the monthly theme. They are taught an easy to learn definition for the theme. For instance; Hope is believing that something good can come out of something bad.

Each Sunday also has a bottom line that day which is also easy for the kids to remember.
During Large Group the kids interact with the ministry hero team and often help with the lesson through an object lesson or drama of some sorts! They have a blast! Games are also involved that often tie into the bottom line for the day.

In the middle of large group the kids worship together singing familiar songs and some new worship songs as well. Motions are put the songs to help emphasize the lyrics and message of the song. And sometimes they are there just because they are fun!

In small group, the lesson that was taught in Large Group is further emphasized through activities that engage the kids and get them hands on! This makes a difference for sure in how much sticks with them!

The heart of Kids Ministry at BNC is teaching the kids that God loves them and that they can trust Him no matter what!

In small group we also emphasize an activity that ties in the memory verse for that month. We talk about the memory verse in Large Group, but it is further taught in Small Group.

That’s a Sunday Morning in a nutshell. Sunday nights we have evening Sunday School for adults, teens and the kids. They again are broke up by age groups.

On Wednesday’s we have Bible Quizzing at 6pm, Caravan (Think Nazarene Scouts) at 7pm.
On Sunday afternoons, prior to Sunday School in the evening we have His Voice Kids Choir rehearsals.

At BNC we try our best to give families tools to help further along growth together relationally with each other and spiritually with our amazing God! Check the church’s Facebook page BNC Kid’s Ministry page for daily posts that help encourage and give ideas to engage each other as families!

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Kids Ministry

What exactly is Kids Ministry?  The video might help!  More questions, contact us!

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His Voice Kids Choir

If your interested in learning more about Kids Ministry contact Pastor Randy

He will tell you a little more about the who, what, why and how of BNC Kids Ministry.


First Service Worship
Sunday – 9:00AM.
Second Service Worship
Sunday – 11:00AM.
Wednesdays in the Word
Wednesday – 7:00PM.


Sunday – 6:00PM.
Wednesday – 7:00PM.


Sunday Morning 9:00AM and 11:00AM.
Sunday School 6:00PM.
Wednesday Caravan – 7:00PM.


Celebrate Recovery
Monday – 6:00PM-8:30pm.