New Here?

When you visit any church for the first time it can seem overwhelming. At BNC you will feel welcomed and comfortable as you enter the grand foyer. The host and greet team are ready to help you find your way around. Looking for the kids ministry or nursery? Just ask! That’s what they do!

Worship Service

What exactly is a worship service?  A worship service is the intentional act of praise and worship through music, public prayer, fellowship with others, and the reading and preaching of God’s Word.  But that does not do justice to what a worship service is at BNC!  We invite you to come and experience a worship service this Sunday and discover for your self just what a worship service is like at BNC!

Welcome Center, Grand Foyer, Cafe

If you need to know where to go. Hit the welcome center!  Need to know what’s going on when and where?  Hit the welcome center!  Need more info about BNC?  Yup!  You guessed it!  Hit the welcome center!

The Grand Foyer and Cafe are both places to fellowship before and after services!  Grab a cup of coffee, maybe a pastry too, and have a seat to fellowship with friends!  Some of the best interactions happen right here!


Virtual Tour

You are invited to contact us at anytime and schedule a time to visit our campus any day of the week!  Come and get familiar with us in a one on one interaction with a staff member.  Or if you’d rather, check out the virtual tour.  It is the next best thing to scheduling a time to come in and check us out

If your interested in learning more about BNC contact Pastor Randy

He will tell you a little more about the who, what, why and how of BNC.
First Service Worship
Sunday – 9:00AM.
Second Service Worship
Sunday – 11:00AM.
Wednesdays in the Word
Wednesday – 7:00PM.
Sunday – 6:00PM.
Wednesday – 7:00PM.

Sunday Morning 9:00AM and 11:00AM.
Sunday School 6:00PM.
Wednesday Night Live – 7:00PM.

Celebrate Recovery
Monday – 6:00PM-8:30pm.