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Past Posts

  • Bloom Where You Are Planted!
    “Bloom where you are planted.” This is painted on a sign in my […]
  • Weaknesses – Part 2
    Let’s pick up on Part 2 of Weaknesses… Today I’d like to take […]
  • God’s Favor
    I like the idea of praying for God’s favor in every part of our lives. I […]
  • Taking a shower
    I'm not sure what it is about little boys, but they really don't like to get cleaned up. I will include myself in this category. I can remember coming home from a baseball game or from playing ball out back and Mom struggling to get me into the bathroom to shower up before bed. I played hard all day and was dirty and sweaty and where the sweat had dried, it was crusty. Yea, it was that bad. I think I'd go a couple days if my Mom would have let me.
  • Duct Tape Club – BNC Kids find their ministry with Duct Tape!
    Could you ever in your wildest dreams imagine duct tape being used for […]
  • Performance
    Last night was dress rehearsal for the Passion Play here at BNC. I approached it as a full out performance. In my mind I need to do that. It keeps me on my toes and lets me hone in on where I might be failing at missing a mic being turned on or a sound effect not being loud enough. And like many performances, I had places last night that I missed. Driving home, I relived each one over and over in my mind in an attempt to somehow reconcile them.
  • Stand By Me
    STAND BY ME ​“Who Stood with You? was the title of Pastor’s sermon this […]
  • We’ve Got the Power
    WE’VE GOT THE POWER! In our Bible study lesson this week (Priscilla […]
  • Turn the Light on!
    Peace and quiet finds me with a good book in the sun room. The sun sets […]
  • AttitudeThoughts
    Thoughts You know as a kid I did some pretty dumb things. Ok, so I’ve done […]