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Past Posts

  • canstockphoto0852201A Place of Dependence
    A Place of Dependence Most kids are completely comfortable being dependent […]
  • canstockphoto0148423Roots
    ROOTS I was out the the yard today catching up on the yard work. Let me […]
  • Cycle WallChoose to live outside the cycle
    Choose to live outside the cycle [AMP] Luke 10:21 In that same hour He […]
  • canstockphoto6204399Abundant Life
    Today, the Diller home had a bit of a celebration. Madylynn's platelet count maintained its high level. So after our trip to Children's Hospital (and a healthy dinner) we took the family out to Bloomville for ice cream.
  • Clouds MeditatingPrayer
    How has your prayer life been? Seriously – stop, take a moment, and […]
  • communion-cup-big-stillThe Blood of Christ Part 4
    Jesus blood cleanses I really don’t like cleaning. I’m not a messy person […]
  • wpid-Photo-20140808020416.jpgYou’ve Got Potential
    Mark 10:17b “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal […]
  • communion-cup-big-stillThe Blood of Christ – Part 1
    As we were preparing to leave for Marion General Hospital to take Madylynn […]
  • Skipping Meetings – Not Healthy for those around me
    At Wyandot, I had a hard time managing projects.  It would get to the […]
  • AltarI love the altar
    I love the altar! There’s no place like it. Certainly I can pray wherever […]