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Patience Part 2

Last week, we looked at two manifestations of patience: short-term and long-term. The one difference that we focused on was the frequency. Typically, we’ll experience more short-term opportunities, such as waiting in line (ugh, who wants to do that!) or being stuck in traffic (same!). Yet those can be opportunities instead of inconveniences. God does some of His best work when we’re waiting, including the short term.

Radio & Television

Voice of the Nazarene…BNC on Radio and TV

WMFD Channel 11 & 68 // 9am Sunday Mornings

Marion Channel 39.1 // Sunday 2pm & 7:30pm

Access TV Monday at 2pm and 8pm

Radio 1540 AM // Sunday 8:30am


Help me grow

There are many ways we grow in our faith.

Two faith catalysts that we emphasize are Groups and Serving.



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 We look forward to ministering to you.  Our goal is to glorify our God through our mission of loving Jesus, loving people, and bringing them together.  You are invited  to accomplish our mission through weekly worship, small groups, giving, serving others and growing spiritually. 






As human beings, we all want to know what to expect and what we will experience.

Here you will find service times, worship styles, what programs are availabe for kids, teens, adults and more.

Interested in visting before visiting?  We can do that too.  It would be an honor to meet you, show you around, and answer any questions.



Sunday 9:00 am / 11:00 am

Children age 0-2 yrs old Nursery

Toddlers 2-3 yrs old

Pre-K 4-5 yrs old

Kids dot Christ – Kindergarten – 3rd grades

bTweens – 4th – 6th grades

Worship Services

Sunday 9:30 am

Sunday School (West Campus Upper Sandusky)

Sunday 10:15 am Small Groups

Facilitator: Bob Hopp/Fellowship Room

Sunday 10:30 am

Worship Service (West Campus Upper Sandusky)

Sunday 4:45 pm

Celebration Orchestra Practice

Sunday 6:00 pm Sunday School/Small Groups

Classes for Children nursery-6th grade

Teen classes for 7th-12th grade/Upper Room in Gym

Facilitator: Jim Mayes/Fellowship Room

Facilitator: Randy Diller/Kids dot Christ

Facilitator: Betty Dillinger/Chapel

Facilitator: Bill & Tammy Bayless/Room 4

Facilitator: Howard Cole/Cafe


6:00 pm Celebrate Recovery

6:00 pm GriefShare

6:00 pm DivorceCare

6:00 pm Hope Journey

6:00 pm Angels of Comfort / 2nd & 4th Mondays


7:00 pm Wednesdays in the Word/Event Center

7:00 pm Bible Circus (Children thru 6th grade)/Room 4

7:00 pm SURGE (Teens 7th-12th)/Upper Room Gym

7:00 pm Celebration Singers/Orchestra Practice/Main Sanctuary

7:00 pm Bible Study (West campus Upper Sandusky)

For more information about these and other activities, contact 419-562-0256



2024 Sportsmen’s Dinner

Good Food!

Good Fellowship!

Great Message!





Patience Part 2

Patience Part 2

We get to choose, when the moment comes, to use patience we have or lose it and our temper. Choose to recognize this as an opportunity to utilize the patience I have. You don’t really run out of patience – what really happens is we leave it behind forgetting to utilize it Opportunity for God to work on me – realizing this changes my perspective! – Eating food (Digesting) Must be consuming the right foods and taking the appropriate downtime A few years ago I began training for a half marathon. While I’m not fast, I have some endurance, but my endurance only went to about 4.5 – 5 miles. I would get to 5 miles and would begin to feel pretty worn. So I began a training program where I would have long days followed by a few short days, and then a day or two of rest. I also began eating differently as I changed my diet, not to lose weight, but to support the strain I was putting on my body physically. I eventually reached the point where I could run 13.1 miles. There was not magical formula, no energy pill or drink. Just lots of discipline and training – definitely not comfort! There is no magical formula for developing patience either. Take a guess at what it involves? Discipline and training! NEXT SLIDE

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Patience Part 1

Patience Part 1

What things test your patience in your world? Is it traffic? Slow internet? Waiting in line at the store? Perhaps it’s a train on the tracks or taking your wife-to-be shoe shopping. (Ask me about that one sometime.)

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