Baptism Sunday

October 25th is Baptism Sunday. If you are interested in baptism or have a question regarding baptism, head out to the Welcome Center and put your name and number down so we can contact you and walk you through what baptism is.  Or you can call the church office at 419-562-0256.  

Work and Witness Trip

The work and witness team is looking at another potential trip next year.   Consider joining the team and making a difference in the lives of others!  There is a sheet at the Welcome Center for you to put your name and number on so we can contact you with more information.  This isn’t committing to it, just so we can contact you with information about it.  

There is an informational meeting happening Sunday October 4th at 10:15am in the Event Center.  

Thanksgiving Festival of Praise

November 13th, 14th, and 15th BNC will present a Festival of Praise.  It’ll be three evenings filled with praise and testimony while we reflect and remember all the good that God has done and give him the glory that only belongs to him!  

Bethlehem at BNC

Christmas at BNC will be different this year.  Bethlehem at BNC is a drive thru Christmas event for your whole family.  Think drive in theater, only this is drive thru!  You’ll tune your radios to a certain channel and listen and see the sights of Bethlehem right at your BNC.  

But before we get to that part, we need your help!  This project will require actors and actresses, construction help, set design, and some technical support.  If you can assist in any of these or other areas, check the Welcome Center for a sign up so we can contact you.  A meeting will be scheduled shortly to discuss the details of this project.  

There’s a planning meeting scheduled for Tuesday September 29th 7pm at the Main Campus Event Center.  We need your skills to make this project happen!  What skills?  Well how about this list for starters!

  • Set construction
  • Sewing costumes
  • Logistics (managing parking lot – this is a drive in/drive thru)
  • Tech Setup (cabling, audio, lighting, video)
  • Actors and Actresses
  • Food Prep

There’s more, but that’s a great list to start with!  See you Tuesday September 29th at 7pm in the Event Center!

The Gathering

 It’s that time again!  Time to bring both services together for several nights of music and revival.  This year Stephen Manley is our speaker. The kids will have their own revival service as well with the Jubilee Gang! October 18th – 21st.  Contact the church office for more information at 419-562-0256

Prayer Emphasis

Pastor Ray has asked us all to step up to the plate and pray for our nation.  Join in as we pray for healing for our communities locally and nationally at 7am and 7pm.