20140203-231537-2I really don’t like being anxious. It just doesn’t make for a happy writer. It’s hard to focus when I’m anxious. My mind wants to wander off to things I perceive as being beyond my abilities. I begin to look further into the future, thinking I have to accomplish it all today.

God didn’t make me to live and operate in the future. I can’t operate in the future anymore than I can get my wife to go hunting with me. In fact my odds are better at operating in the future! I need to operate in what He has prepared for me today, which He renewed while I was sleeping. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

I know all this – So why the anxiety?

Peter took his eyes off Jesus when out on the water. And I’m sure he developed a quick case of anxiety as he was sinking and crying out to Jesus to save him. He needed to direct his eyes back to the One that enabled him to water walk in the first place.

As did I.

And I had some help this morning to re-direct my eyes back to the One that enables me to accomplish what today has in store and not become anxious about tomorrow. My help came in the form of a text message from a Christian brother and a phone call from another. Funny – that’s exactly what our Sunday School lesson was on last night – Leading people to Jesus. Yes, even Christians need led to Jesus – not in an evangelistic way, but as a reminder of where our eyes need to constantly be looking. An encouraging text message or phone call is sometimes all that’s needed!

Psalm 94:19 When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,
Your consolations delight my soul.

God provided consolations for my soul in the form of two Christian brothers!

I’d like to point something out. The word anxious in Hebrew is sarappim and means disquieting thoughts. Look at the first word in that definition – disquieting. Dis is a Latin prefix which means away or apart from. So disquieting can be interpreted as being away or apart from quiet thoughts. Most times when you are anxious – your thoughts are far from quiet.

My three year old has this oddity about her. She can be falling asleep on the couch and as soon as we say it’s bedtime she becomes this lovely bundle of endless energy – so much so that you’d think we just fed her a case of Red Bull! The child bounces off every wall with the orneriest giggle. (This must come from her mother)

That’s how my thoughts felt this morning. They were scattered, bouncing around like my three year old right before bedtime. They never seemed to find rest until I quieted down and turned my eyes toward Jesus. Only then did I begin my walk on the water.

I didn’t accomplish everything in one day. And that’s alright. I found a peace that clearly and quietly whispered well done My child. Rest in Me. Let Me show you what I’ve prepared for you. And remember, I’ve given you exactly what you need for today’s tasks. Tomorrow, I’ll do the same but you need not operate there. Operate in today.