Next week I leave to go on a hog hunting trip to South Carolina. It’s all traditional archery. So this week I started gathering up all the supplies. As I grabbed my bow off my bow rack I also grabbed Madylynn’s bow (my daughter). I haven’t taken her out for a while to shoot and reminded me of the first time I took her out.

I took her out to an archery course, where 3D targets are setup. It was on this range that I told her how to properly grab the string, which fingers to use, and how to draw the bow back. I told her how to pick a spot on the target and not take her eye off that spot. I told her how to stand, how to release, and how to follow through.

I thought I was doing good…until I wasn’t.

As we walked along, both shooting arrows at targets, I became increasingly frustrated by how she was not doing what I told her. After the sixth or seventh target I finally stopped and asked her why she wasn’t doing what I had told her. Her answer blew me away…

“Because you’re not doing it.”

She may have heard my instruction, but she did not see me LIVE my instruction.

It doesn’t matter if you have kids, grandkids, or no kids. Our example is always on display. People watch more what we do and less of what we say. Madylynn was proof of that to me.

This was convicting to me. It caused me to consider other areas of my life. I really wanted to know where I was living inconsistently. I wanted to know where what I said was not lining up with what I did.

I asked God to begin showing me where I am giving direction, guidance, and instruction, but not living them out. Talk about a scary prayer. I almost felt as though I didn’t want an answer. I was genuinely afraid.

But I didn’t need to be.

God was so gracious. Over the last several days, I have trusted that God would be faithful. and begin showing me where I was being inconsistent. And you know…He did…and was so loving as He did.

Nothing was absolutely out of bounds, throw the yellow flag, penalty worthy. But I could not see that myself. I think that’s the case with all of us. We can’t see ourselves for ourselves. I had to give God permission to just search me all over and wait for Him to speak.

Can I just share that there is such immense freedom and peace on the other side.So what’s the takeaway? What’s the practical?

If you want to lead in any capacity, you’ve got to be willing to be so open to God and risk Him revealing what He needs to reveal to you. It’s worth the risk. Sure it is a little uncomfortable for a time, but that passes and in return is a great peace and freedom!

I can still see Madylynn’s expression as she said “Because you’re not doing it.” And I love it!

I am trusting that it will continue to serve as a reminder for me to just be that more open to God.