communion-cup-big-stillAs we were preparing to leave for Marion General Hospital to take Madylynn there, I remember thinking,

“Ok, I’ve got to get some movies and videos on my laptop and get the iPad too so she can play or watch something while the docs draw blood and do all that yucky stuff.”

In my mind, I’m terrified for her! I really don’t like blood and needles and all that! I can gut a deer and not wince a bit, but there’s something about seeing blood and needles in a hospital setting that sends me over the edge.

In fact when Nicky was in labor with Madylynn, they had to give Nicky an epidural due to her labor not progressing.

Guess who passed out?

I remember one of the nurses saying sit down and take deep breaths and just put your head in your hands.  I’m not one for needles and blood. Never would have been a good doctor or nurse!  So in my preparations for taking Madylynn, I wanted to make sure she had things to keep her mind off the blood being drawn and being poked.

Do you know what happened when they drew blood, put an IV in, took the IV out, and put it back in again? SHE WATCHED! Here I am, media ready, with Disney’s Frozen (which is saying a lot since I’ve memorized the movie from them watching it so much) and she doesn’t want the movie! She wants to watch her own blood be drawn from her body.

One question Madylynn had was about her blood. She asked the nurse drawing the blood, “What does my blood do?”  The nurse had a very child appropriate response which satisfied my little inquisitive daughter’s mind, but it made me think about what blood really does and more importantly, what the blood of Christ really does.

When Pastor gave me his sermon notes for this week, this event came to my mind.  As Madylynn asked about what her blood does (which was quite fitting because she ended up at Children’s Hospital with a blood disorder), it made me wonder this week about what the blood of Christ does.  There are obvious “Sunday School” answers to this question.  But those weren’t the answers I was willing to accept.  I wanted a deeper understanding, one that would take me further into scripture and deeper into my relationship with Christ.

My study resulted in the writing of a Sunday School lesson for our class.  For the next couple days, I’ll be posting parts of that lesson that indeed go deeper and beyond the “Sunday School” answers of what the blood of Christ does.

I invite you to join me in this journey…