Comfort Words

Bible and iphoneI read Psalm 119 this morning….yes, the whole thing.  All 176 verses of it.  The special occasion was that I had a day off work and was not hindered by normal time constraints of getting up, breakfast, daily devotion time, getting ready for work, and then the inevitable slew of errands that I want/need to accomplish before my eight hour work day begins.  Today was kick-back-and-enjoy day.

Psalm 119 gives the reader a lot of food for thought.  In doing some research, I learned that it is both the longest psalm and the longest single chapter in the entire Bible.  But in this lengthy chapter there was a verse that really spoke to my heart:

Psalm 119: 50 This is my comfort in my affliction:  for thy word hath quickened me.

I immediately put two of the main words together:  “comfort words”.  And I thought about another concept:  “comfort foods”.  You know that there are just certain foods that make us feel all good and warm inside when we eat them.  You know what I’m talking about:  mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken noodle soup, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken.  Eating these foods changes our mood, lifts our spirits, and produces positive emotions.

The same can be said when we digest God’s Word and apply it to our lives.  The word “comfort” appears in the Scripture 66 times.  Variations of the word (for example “comforts” or “comfortable”) appear almost an equal number of times.

A lot is said within this psalm about God’s laws, His precepts, His ordinances, and how, if we keep them, they will revive us.  God’s laws and His word are perfect, reviving our souls.  In other words, our lives are much easier when we are not fighting against what God says is right.

The author of this Psalm is said to be one of three men:  David, Ezra, or Daniel.  No matter the author, this psalm speaks of the profound and unfailing love of God.  Obedient or disobedient, His love is always there.

No matter the season of our life, God’s Word is there to comfort us.

Comfort.  The word means a state of ease, free from pain, the alleviation of grief or distress, consolation, solace, to improve the mood, or restore a sense of well-being to. All of these words describe what the Word of God does for believers.

Psalms 119: 105 states: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

What do lamps do?  They provide a comforting ray of light in the darkness, much like the Word of God provides light in our spiritual darkness.

No matter what our situation, we can rely on God’s Word for comfort.  His Word can revive us, take away our sadness, and improve our lives.

~Barb Scott