For quite a while, I never considered myself a creative person. I didn’t sing or play an instrument. I could do basic sketching and was good with figuring tech things out. But creative? I never considered myself that and in doing so, I pigeonholed myself into a different category – one that isn’t creative.

At least that was the case until someone introduced me to the idea that since God is creative, I am as well. Just look at the world around you, they said. The animals, plants, oceans, sunrises, sunsets, and our bodies all reflect God’s creativity. And one way God created us all to be creative is not what you’d normally think of first.

You and I were created for relationship.

You don’t have to look far into the Bible to discover this. It’s in the first two chapters of Genesis. The first chapter of Genesis documents one side of the creation story. In it, we witness the great power of God as Creator. That’s evident in the name chosen by the author, Elohim.

But the author makes a noteworthy change in the second chapter starting in verse 4. Instead of God only (Elohim), the author adds Lord (Yahweh). He’s still Creator God, all-powerful, but also personal. He’s the God who is with you and me. The name Yahweh implies a personal or covenant relationship. And you can see that all throughout the second chapter of Genesis. We see man’s relationship to God, man’s relationship to God’s creation, the garden (earth), and man’s relationship with each other (in this case, woman). God now partners with man and woman in caretaking of the garden. He wants to be with us, in a relationship, creatively using us in ways we could never imagine – so long as we don’t pigeonhole ourselves.

Remaining open to Him is of utmost importance.

Here’s the thing; God can use you right where you are, creatively and relationally, to push back the darkness, be light, love, care for, and show Jesus. Introvert or extrovert, you were created for a relationship – with God and others. You’re who He wants to use. That humbles me as it should you. God, Elohim, the great powerful Creator, wants to use you and me, relationally (Yahweh), to make a difference creatively and to shine bright for Him.

You might ask yourself, so what’s God want me to do? I’ve asked myself and spent lots of time figuring that out. I’d like to propose a better way. Instead of figuring out what God wants me to do, I want to join in what God’s doing creatively and relationally today! All that takes is a straightforward prayer – God show me. And then trust Him to do just that.

So let’s do that right there. Let’s pray that and shine. Give God permission to use you in whatever way He creatively wants to. And we’ll discover that as we do, while He’s doing much in the world through us, he’s simultaneously doing much in us!

You are loved!