Yesterday was “one of those days” for me. You know, the ones we’ve been talking about all week. I woke up with a headache. I didn’t get much done that I set out to do. And what I did accomplish simply felt like a chaotic accident that fortunately worked in my favor.

By 8:30 that evening, I was ready to head home, grab a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, and a slice of Red Velvet cake. Some of you know of my love affair with coffee, but you may not be familiar with the love affair I have for red velvet cake. Nicky graciously makes it from scratch for me twice a year so I relish each bite, savoring it as if it was my last.

As we were getting the girls herded towards their bedroom, Nicky noticed out our back door what looked like a ground show of fireworks, but there was no sound.

“That’s lightning!” I said excitedly!

I can’t remember ever seeing lightning quite like that before. It was mostly clear skies around our house, all except this one really big cloud that seemed to be full of lightning! It was incredible to watch! So I grabbed my camera and climbed up on top of the roll bar of my Wrangler and began shooting some video and snapping pictures. I tried to predict and squeeze the shutter button the moment I thought the whole cloud would be lit up and lightning bolts would be seen in the frame. I mostly failed, but I did manage to capture a few.

But while I was trying to capture the unpredictable chaos inside this cloud, God began to capture me.

The wonder of God’s creation, when we stop long enough to take them in, are indeed amazing! And in my moment of taking this wonder in, God spoke very clearly as His thoughts poured in.

“Pull your camera down and watch the lightning in this cloud. To you it is unpredictable and chaotic. Remember, I am orchestrating this show. You see chaos. I see each flash of lightning organized by me. I told each of those lightning bolts where to go and when to flash. I am in control of the chaos you see. Rest easy my child. I know exactly what happened today – I orchestrated it and indeed I am in control.”

All the chaos I experienced today I am going to call orchestrated chaos. For me, both words are needed. It reminds me that while I will see days that are filled with chaos, I can rest easy in Him. He is orchestrating it all. I need not worry, but let Him orchestrate this show and direct me in it.

I am able to respond to the Holy Spirit’s lead in the chaos with great confidence.

That’s a good place to be!

In one of Job’s responses to God he states,

Job 36:32 He fills his hands with lightning bolts and hurls each at its target.

Let it be a reminder to us who forget so often that in the middle of our chaotic days, our God is orchestrating it all. Nothing happens outside of God’s awareness. Nothing surprises Him.

As I close this post, I’m thinking that there’s one last piece of Red Velvet cake in my fridge. Sounds like lunch to me!!