Sandcastles are just plain fun to build. 

You can plan and build them however you want. If a section of it doesn’t turn out as you wanted, it’s super easy to scoop up the sand, pack it back down, and try again. You can build and rebuild as much as you want. And each is unique. No two sandcastles ever turn out quite the same. Each has its own characteristics and flaws. However, as unique as they are, they all share one common trait.

They are temporary. 

Sandcastles are washed away as the tide comes rolling onto the shore, dragging the sand back with it as the tide rolls out. We can spend hours building sandcastles, but it only takes a moment for them to disappear. 

It’s super easy to invest time, energy, and money into things that are so very temporary. Let’s call them life’s sandcastles. They are things that, at the time, seem to matter most. But as time erodes, just like the tide, we discover those are things that really don’t matter. They are temporal, not eternal. 

Together, let’s consider the sandcastles that might be in our lives. We don’t want to get rid of them fully!  They’re ridiculously fun to build. But it’s also ridiculously imperative that we maintain an eternal perspective in the background. Sandcastles won’t last. 

What if we focused more on things that will last? How would that change your world, your family, your friends?

Your relationships?

Our physical bodies are not eternal. But what we do relationally does have eternal results. And we are a part of those results, whether we realize it or not. 

So let’s realize it. Be intentional; what you do matters! 

You are loved!