Serve and Grow

We are firmly convinced that we are never closer to the heart of Christ than when we serve another person, making serving such a powerful catalyst to spiritual growth and formation.

Our desire is that you grow in your faith and so we encourage involvement in ministry.  Not only do you make a difference in others, but you make a difference within you and within your family.  



Serving draws you into authentic community – the community God desires you to serve.  And He will be faithful.  He will direct you to where He desires you to serve.  And it is our desire to connect you with that ministry. 

The Spiritual Gifts Assessment is not so much about talents as it is what God has gifted you with. This is a PDF you can download to help you discover where God has gifted you.

The  Temperament Test helps understand your own responses and the responses of others, helping you communicate and relate. It’s a good indicator of what areas of service might be a good fit for your temperament.

Lastly is the form below. This form allows you to select areas you are interested. You can take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment and the Temperament Test and then make selections below or simply select some areas of interest.

Serving & Areas of Interest

Serving and Areas of Interest

Building Community