I was busted once at Wyandot for not being on the same page with someone else on a project that I was working on.  Most of the time, I was a one man show at Wyandot, working on my own projects.  But on occasion, I’d find myself needing to collaborate with someone else and work together on the same project.

One of the many meetings I skipped at Wyandot, ended up being a meeting that just one of these projects was discussed at length.  Obviously, I wasn’t filled in because I wasn’t there and I didn’t know what the other person was doing.  With my head down and eyes on the task at hand, I put my blinders on and hammered away until I finished what I thought I needed to accomplish.  Only too bad for me, because the other person, who did attend the meeting, discovered that there was another solution that didn’t require us to do anything at all.  I ended up creating work for myself that was pointless.  The part of the project I had feverishly worked on was never needed and never used.

In the Christian realm, I need to make sure I’m getting proper instructions to keep myself from spinning out of control.  So many times, I’ve forged ahead, not taking time to check with God first, and I end up wasting so much time and resources.  We know how to do our jobs, but sometimes we forget that God knows how to do them too!  He created them after all!  So why not check with Him for instructions?  Why not make sure we are having a meeting with Jesus so we can be reminded to ask for help when we face tasks throughout our day?  The psalmist writes,

Psalm 32:8  I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.

God wants to instruct us, both in spiritual things, but also in the physical.  He can guide our tasks, our thinking, and lead us to solutions we might never have considered had we not had a meeting with Jesus.  We need to be on the same page He’s working from and we can only do this by not skipping meetings with Jesus.  When we aren’t on the same page, we end up, like I did, disconnected from the rest of the team, creating work for myself that didn’t need done.

As you begin today, spend a few moments asking Him to instruct you as you move throughout your day.  And check back in with Him often!  Sometimes plans may change and a quick meeting with Him might reveal an important detail you need!