The PearlI know what it is to be sought by God. I could give you many examples, but one of the biggest ones took place during my teenage years. I had already made a decision to follow Jesus, but there was a time when I stood at a crossroads. I could choose to trust God or follow what seemed more natural at that time. It was a struggle. Unfortunately, I did not choose correctly and I can remember being sucked into a bad situation. As I set out, I remember feeling the Holy Spirit dealing with me. I ignored him and went on my way. Thankfully, I had parents who loved God, were sensitive to the Holy Spirit and intervened. Though I was angry then, I can see now how blessed I was!

At that same time, I worked at our district campground. I happened to be working during the youth camp week. The speaker was a dynamic young man who was gifted in telling it like it is. While I was cleaning up breakfast, I overheard the worship and morning devotions. I had never heard anyone speak like that and I was spellbound by the direct way he spoke. One day as I was leaving from work, I drove past the place where the evening service was being held. I decided to stop and slip inside. I stood in the back and listened to the message. It seemed as though it was just for me. As an altar call was given, I stood there wrestling with what I knew God was wanting me to do. Finally I went forward to pray and admitted my sin and stubbornness to God and thanked him for being so patient, loving and persistent with me. After I prayed, I went on my way home.   But I was different now. The way I chose to live during the rest of my teen years was evidence that God had made a change in me.

I’ve often thought back on those days with thankfulness. I don’t want to think about where I’d be today if it weren’t for faithful, obedient, praying parents and the persistent wooing of the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful that though I messed up, I knew enough to keep listening to God’s voice and finally surrendered to him.

Now that I am older (though not always wiser) I still struggle with what God is doing at times – especially when I don’t understand. I don’t always choose to trust, but God continues to seek after me and to make me more like him. I still have a long way to go, but I can see a little more clearly what he is after in me. It’s never easy relinquishing my hold on what I want or what is comfortable. But I have yet to be disappointed when I just let go and trust him!

Sought after… It’s a wonderful thing! He loves us too much to leave us to ourselves. While he allows us to make our choices and live with the consequences of poor ones, he waits ready to heal our hearts and lives if we will let him. If you are in need, don’t wait any longer. The one you need has never stopped seeking after you. He has already bought you with a great price. You are precious to him. And as my devotional calendar said this morning, “it’s never too late to start doing the right thing!”

~Tara Hensel