Taking the temperament test will help you understand your tendencies.

Knowing your temperament can help you see your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing yours and other’s temperaments can help you communicate and listen to understand, making relationships stronger. You can relate to others better, even those that don’t share your temperament. Finally, knowing your temperament can help lead you into an area of service. Note this is not a spiritual gifts test, but rather a temperament test. Knowing your temperament can aid in discovering an area of service and perhaps an area where God has gifted you!


Know that results can be influenced by mood and how you answer.

It’s important to avoid overthinking. Go with your gut. Go with not what you’d “like to be” but “who you are”. Sometimes it helps to have someone else close by that knows you well take the test with you!


At the end you’ll see all four temperament scores.

Note we are all made up of a little of each. You’re looking for your top two. After your scores, you’ll find a description of each, with strengths and weaknesses.


Rate the following words/phrases. To what degree do they describe you?

Select how each of the following "I" statements describes you.

Select how each of the following "You" statements describes you.