I had a bit of a revelation tonight… it’s amazing how much easier it is to see with a light on! While that seems like a no-brainer, I found myself trying to clean off my George Foreman grill using only the light coming in from my kitchen window. While I had enough light to see by, it wasn’t quite enough to see every speck of chicken left behind on the grill. I struggled with it for a few minutes before it crossed my mind to turn the kitchen light on (I don’t use it very often – especially when it is still light outside…I’m really not so dense!).

Once I did that, I was able to see every nook and cranny and I had the grill cleaned in next to no time. Instantly I had my revelation and almost just as quick, I caught a spiritual application.

Sometimes we are in the dark spiritually and we don’t even know it. We struggle with things that we know we shouldn’t and we don’t know why. We wonder, we worry, we get upset, but nothing changes. Then one day we realize we need the light on.

Jesus said He is the light of the world. There is no darkness in Him. When we look to Him and His light, it’s amazing the things that are suddenly illuminated! And sometimes they’re things we don’t want to see…but if we come to Him, He will take the dishcloth from our hands and clean up the mess we’ve made.

He forgives and restores. He teaches us how to live differently, how to choose a better path. But until we “turn on the light”, we will continue to struggle in the darkness or maybe even get comfortable in the filth! If there is an area you are struggling with today, I encourage you to look to Jesus and His light. Ask Him to shine into your situation – to illuminate what needs to be done. He will walk you through it. He longs to fill our lives with His love and light. But He will only do it if we ask!