As we are beginning to gather for corporate worship, we can’t forget that corporate worship (our worshiping as a group of believers) is not only for our benefit but as an offering to the Lord.  Let us not forget that our jobs, schooling, and activities are not what eternity is about.  We use those activities as a platform, an opportunity, a stage for coming to impact those outside the kingdom of God’s plan.


We come to worship together for God’s pleasure.  He tells us in Psalm 66:2 that we are to “sing the glory of His name.  Make His name glorious.”  We have an opportunity to give to God a unique sound of praise here in Bucyrus, a full ensemble of singers and instrumentalists to “Sing of His greatness.”  We are told that God is enthroned, wears our praise.


You are needed
Singers – all parts – reading music is not required.
Instrumentalists.  We need them all.  But particularly at this time, we need brass and a keyboard player that can join the brass section reinforcing their parts.  Need to be a good music reader.


So join us
Wednesday at 7 pm for singers.
Beginning July 5th at 4:45 for orchestra.  Let me know in advance so we can have music prepared for you.


Wow!  In these last days we can be a part of impacting our community.  That has a lasting impact (eternity).


See you,


Pastor Keith

Text/Call 615-479-3319‬