Date Night and Dodgeball

You get a date night!

We throw dodgeballs at your kids!

(safely and with other activities)

You have kids! And you love them! But sometimes you just need a break…Am I right?

That’s where Date Night and Dodgeball is here to the rescue! You get a date night…And we throw dodgeballs at your kids.

Don’t worry, they’re soft…and we’ll have other activities!

You get two hours of peace and quiet to spend however you want. Get together with friends, invite some other parents, or just do nothing. 

Admit it…sometimes nothing is GREAT!

So if you’re ready to get those two hours, use the nifty registration form below. 

Details are simple. Drop off your kids on March 25th at 7 pm at BNC’s  Grand Foyer Entrance (Bucyrus Campus). Running shoes are needed. Feed them before dropping them off. We’ll have snacks. Go have fun without your kids (it’s ok…you’re allowed). 

Just don’t forget to pick them up at 9 pm. That’s an important detail. We love them, but we’ll be ready to send them home!

 Registration Is Required!  

You must register BEFORE March 18th!

Registration is simple!  Fill out the form below or stop by the kids checkin to register!

Aww!  Registration is closed!  Stay in touch. Subcribe to our Kids weekly email to catch the next Kids Ministry Family event!

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